Summer lace cape

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Hola a todos! Hoy les quería mostrar un outfit que podría servirles para estar todo un día completo de verano, desde tempranito hasta para salir en la noche! Como ven, estoy utilizando dos prendas básicas que son el bvd crop de Camote Soup y un short de jean. Encima, para quitarle un poco la simpleza, le puse esta capa que no da nadita de calor y realza un montón el look.

Hi everyone! Today i wanted to show you an outfit that could be useful for a complete summer day, since the morning and also to go out at night! Like you see, I’m wearing two basic pieces, the crop top from Camote Soup and the denim shorts. Over them, to take out the simplicity to the look, i wore a lace cape that’s perfect for summer because the material is very light and it gives a more interesting look to the outfit.
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