My binoculars are better than yours

Cómo están todos hoy? Preparados para mañana halloween? Yo estaba pensando disfrazarme de “Pollos hermanos” de Breaking Bad (sí, la más afanada) y colgarme un cartelito que diga “Free meth samples” pero creo que me voy a ver recontra lorna con una cabeza de pollo y la gente me va a tirar piedras en la calle jajaja…Ustedes ya tienen su disfraz?
Hey how are you doing today? Ready for halloween tomorrow? I was thinking in getting costume like “Pollos Hermanos” from Breaking Bad (yeah, the most obsessed) and hang a sign on my neck that say “Free meth samples”but i think i’m gonna look like a loser with a chicken head and people are gonna throw rocks to me in the street hahaha….What about you, do you have your costume already?

Top – Camote Soup
Short – Camote Soup
Belt – Vintage
Shoes – I’m to lazy to go and check




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