Like a fkn’ lady

Sábado después de haber dormido solo 3 horas iuj, no se que hago despierta…Bueno este outfit venía dando vueltas por mi cabeza desde hace tiempo, no lo usé para ninguna ocasión especial, solo quice mostrarlo, mezclé una blua de gasa de estrellas de Camote Soup y un vestido de cuero encima, el cinturón y el clutch son vintage, este último lo conseguí en una casa de antigüedades.
Ah! No se si se dieron cuenta, me puse extensiones de pelo, les gusta?
Saturday after sleeping just 3 hours iuj, i don’t know how i’m awake…Well this outfit had being circling in my head for a while, i didn’t wore this for any special ocation, i just wanted to show it to you, i matched the chiffon blouse with stars of Camote Soup with the black leather dress, the belt and clutch are vintage, i got this last one in a house of antiques.
I don’t know if you’ve notice but i got hair extensions now, do you like them?

Fotos: Alejandra Alcedo




  1. Good morning there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me! To be honest i don’t know the location exactly, but Eranda did the workshop there and the background for the photo-shoot was awesome!
    He had a great time, Eranda took the pics not Julia, but she’s the best at it! I’m proud of my sisters ♥
    You look great, I love to see this side of your! The dress and the clutch are great, but I think it’s a bit to black! Still I love it!

    Hope you’ll have a great day!

    My cooking blog, support me:

    xoxo Kiki

  2. que lindooo! me encanta tu blusaa! y siii justo mientras veia las fotos decia ¿algo se ha hecho en el cabello? y claro era que habia crecido un “par” de centimetros jiji! te quedo lindo! besos!

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