King of flying alligators

Terminamos setiembre con un look relajado para pasar el domingo, una parka verde sobre una maxi chompa beige de Camote Soup, leggings negras y zapatillas. Dicen que este mes estará súper frío así que volveremos a las capas sobre capas y le sacaremos más provecho a nuestras cosas de invierno!
And we end september with a relaxed look to spend the sunday, a green jacket over a beige maxi sweater from Camote Soup, black leggings and sneakers. They say this month will be very cold so we are gonna be back to the layers and will take advantage of our winter clothes!

Fotos: Pablo Guzman Beck




  1. Hey, a really nice and easy outfit… But where’s the black leather today. I like it, if your where black leather. One must be a cool buddy to wear black leather the right way – like you.
    Have a good time

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