Habían visto la nueva colección de CTRL Clothing? Está demasiado increíble!! Hartos estampados, cortes locazos, muchas texturas y todo con una onda muy relajada, como me encanta! A ustedes que les parece?
Have you seen the new collection of CTRL Clothing? It is incredible!! A lot of prints, crazu cuts and textures, and everything with a very relaxed style! What do you think of it?




  1. your blog is really beautiful and your style is amazing! I created a blog for a short time.
    Come see it and follow me on bloglovin I will do the same for you therightmixoffashio.blogspot.com

    ps: do some beautiful photos! compliments

  2. jaja me dio mucha risa tu comentario, me imagine un kunfu panda gigante…. si que esta muy buena esta coleccion, me encanta que inspiran despreocupacion total cero stress…

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